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The USA Technology & Research Park, launched in April 2002, is a major economic initiative of the University of South Alabama. It marries University resources with innovative enterprises in a single location that broadens educational experiences for students, generates new research opportunities for faculty and offers growth prospects for industry.

The Park also serves to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation through its on site business incubator, the Coastal Innovation Hub. The Hub a joint project between the University of South Alabama’s Melton Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and USA’s Office of Research and Economic Development specializing in low cost office and laboratory space for fledgling businesses.

Never before have the academic, private, and public sectors shared such a common vision – a vision that recognizes innovation as a critical component to economic growth and competitive advantage. Through Park-generated strategic alliances and the alignment of resources and talent, we help industries to thrive and prosper. The Park is your conduit to strategic alliances that will enhance your business in the global marketplace.